Video Standards

Video Standards

Video Graphics Array (VGA)

Legacy system and most computers offer this. First introduced in 1987 with IBM PS/2 computers.
Analog Component Video – separate R,G,B Channels.

Mechanical – 15pin D-subminiature VGA connector

Resolutions covered

  • VGA 640×400px @70 Hz
  • SXGA 1280×1024px @85 Hz
  • upto QXGA 2048×1536px @85 Hz

Supports high definition video 1080p.

Note – Although LCD monitors are digital devices. Most LCD monitors provide VGA ports to support backward integration with legacy computers.

VGA Port (Picture source. User-granted GFDL

Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

Designed to support transfer of Digital Video content, as replacement for VGA.
Maximum Resolution 2048x 1536

Note – To support legacy VGA monitors, some DVI interface include analog signals. In such case, a converter is used to connect to a VGA port.

Male DVI Cable (Picture source.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

  • Latest Digital Interface
  • Supports both Audio and Video interface
  • All new products including blue-ray players work on HDMI.
  • Maximum Resolution HDTV 720P and 1080i


HDMI Cable (Picture source.

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