• The coucou – USB device is a windows based application, used for virtual COM port communication in COUCOU Device.
  • This product was developed as result of Prodigy years of engagement with customer and operators of public transit system including public bus and public train, The Handheld Industrial Computer, was initially developed to cater to the needs of public transport operators for a single handheld device that support both smart card (contact-less , contact-type) and cash transaction; provide paper ticketing and Inspection. Over a period of time, the same device was found suitable for multiple applications including micro-financing, Financial Inclusion, Law Enforcement (Immigration / Police), logistics and warehouse. The Industrial Handheld Computers comes packaged with a high speed GPRS wireless modem, providing instant data connectivity for the device and back end server system. To support multiple application, the device are available with biometric reader, UHF RFID reader and bar code reader.