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Dear Customer

Thanks for your interest to evaluate our product.

We provide customer’s, evaluation APPs to test our devices with your mobile phone/tablet. These APP’s are to be used only for evaluation purposes.

If you find any problem with the App or wish to have a certain additional feature included, do inform us and we will be happy to have it included in the next release of the App.

Please fill in the below form with details of the mobile phone/tablet that you plan to use for the evaluation.Once we receive the details, we will arrange to send you the APP configured for your requirements.

If you are iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) user, keep ready the UDID of your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) to fill in the below form. If you do not know what an UDID is, then click HERE where we explain how you can get the UDID of your device.

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For Apple iOS device, provide the UDID of your iOS device