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CouCou -NFC contactless device with Zero power display.

Bluetooth accessory for mobile devices
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CouCou-S -NFC contactless device - Simple (no display).

Bluetooth accessory for mobile devices
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CouCou – An NFC zero power device with BT4.0

What is CouCou ?

  • It is a Near Field Communication (NFC) device
  • It supports NFC P2P and RFID card/tag reader
  • It has a Zero Power bi-stable display 128×64 pixel
  • It communicates using Low energy Bluetooth BLE4 –
    Profile GATT (default); HID over GATT (request)
  • It is an accessory for Apple™ iPad™ iPhone™ iPod™ and Microsoft Windows devices
  • It is smaller than a credit card
  • It is an Ultra low power device
  • It is powered by a pair of CR2032 3V watch batteries
  • It supports many thousands of transactions with just 1 pair of batteries.

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Electronic Badges

    • Replace paper printed badges with electronic badges
    • Customize in the field
    • Access control – save time to prevent long queue
    • Environmentally friendly – Reuse
    • Track visitor real time

Electronic Name Card

    • Exchange contact information
    • Easy networking
    • Integrate with Facebook, SalesForce & custom CRM
    • NFC P2P Communication

Read NFC Smart Posters

    • Collect Coupons
    • Download digital data
    • Earn loyalty points
    • Read RFID tags

Read Contactless Smart Card

    • Card reader
    • Balance checker
    • Fare collection
    • Loyalty
    • Access control
    • Attendance register
    • Protocols Sony FeliCA and MiFare

Electronic Shelf Label

    • Realtime screen update
    • iBeacon location based advertisement
    • Connect via Bluetooth


  • Resolution 128x 64 dots
  • Viewing Angle All angles
  • Passive matrix bistable cholesteric
  • Positive, Sunlight readable reflective LCD

Protocol / Mode

  • ISO14443A / ISO14443B
  • Mifare Card Reader Mode
  • Felica Card Reader Mode
  • NDEF
  • NFC Peer to Peer(P2P) Initiator Mode
  • NFC Peer to Peer (P2P) Target Mode
  • NFCBarcode Tag

Operating Frequency

  • 13.56MHz

Reading Distance

  • 3 to 5 cm

Communication port

  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth low energy 4.0 – GATT(default)
  • Bluetooth Human interface device HID profile over GATT


  • CR2032 size 3V lithium battery removable type
  • USB 5V power


  • Housing
  • ABS PLastic
  • Colour
  • Black / White / Custom
  • Dimensions
  • 75 mm X 54 mm X 8.5mm
CouCou Dimension
CouCou Size Comparison
CouCou Link – a dedicated app to test and customize the CouCou device
Available for Free

Windows PC accessory

  • BLE4 USB dongle
    – connect “CouCou” NFC card reader to Windows PC System.
  • Software Development Kit : BUY Online
  • Custom App development support : Contact Prodigy Sales/Customer Service staff.