Handheld Linux Industrial Computer Printer

//Handheld Linux Industrial Computer Printer

Handheld Linux Industrial Computer Printer

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This product was developed as result of Prodigy years of engagement with customer and operators of public transit system including public bus and public train, The Handheld Industrial Computer, was initially developed to cater to the needs of public transport operators for a single handheld device that support both smart card (contact-less , contact-type) and cash transaction; provide paper ticketing and Inspection. Over a period of time, the same device was found suitable for multiple applications including micro-financing, Financial Inclusion, Law Enforcement (Immigration / Police), logistics and warehouse. The Industrial Handheld Computers comes packaged with a high speed GPRS wireless modem, providing instant data connectivity for the device and back end server system. To support multiple application, the device are available with biometric reader, UHF RFID reader and bar code reader.



  • Processor : 200/266 MHz Samsung ARM9xx S3C2410 processor
  • OS : ARM Linux 2.6
  • Memory : 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, SD Card Slot
  • Printer : Thermal 2” wide paper; fast and silent
  • Display : Colour LCD QVGA 3.5” TFT
  • Card Reader :
    • Contact type Smart Card ISO7816 Full Size
    • Contact-less Smart Card Mifare™ ISO1444A/B, ISO15693, FeliCa™, NFC
    • Magnetic Card 3 Track, ISO 7810 (Optional)
  • Security :
    • Tamper Detect with backup battery
    • Secure SAM Slot ISO 7816
  • Finger Print Sensor (Custom options supported)
    • Scan window 15x22mm; 440×300 pixel, Raw FPS image 129KB, 500DPI – Futronic
    • Scan window 16.26×24.38mm; 320×480 pixel, Raw FPS image 150K, 500DPI, FIPS 201/PIV 071006 image – Futronic
  • Bar Code Reader (Optional)
  • Cradle Dock : USB,RS232, Power
  • Wireless : WLAN / GPRS / GSM
  • Tracking : GPS(Optional)
  • Battery : Battery 7.4V/3 3,500mAh Lithium Polymer


  • Portable Ticketing and Inspection Device (PTID)
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)
  • e-Governance
  • Financial Inclusion Device
  • Micro Financing
  • Law Enforcement Agency – Immigration/Police
  • Mobile Point of Sale (m POS)
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse
  • Rental and Library Services
  • Secure Fingerprint readers


Physical Characteristics
Keypad 20 keys on Top, for PIN entry and Data-entry, 8 Hot Keys on side
Audio Beeper
Battery Swappable Li-Polymer battery pack of 3300mAh @ 7.2V


Performance Characteristics
CPU Samsung™ ARM9 S3C2410 processor, 200MHz
Operating System Linux 2.6
User Application QT 4 .5 Free development environment, GCC 4.2
Memory (RAM/ROM) SDRAM 64MB; FLASH 32MB: Internal SD Memory Card Slot
Communications RS232, USB 1.1 Host
Contactless Reader Mifare™ classic, ISO14443 type A/B, ISO15693, ICODE1, Read/Write distance up to 10cm
IC Card Reader ISO 7816, EMV-certified, Full size (External access) , SAM Size (Internal access)
Magnetic Card Reader ISO 7811/7810, 3 Track
Finger Print Sensor Optical 440×300 pixel, 500 DPI
Tamper Detection Circuitry Highest security level of the FIPS-140.2
Printer  2″Thermal Printer


Peripherals and Accessories
Cradles Single-slot USB/RS-232/Ethernet/charging cradle


User Environment
Operating Temperature 0°C to +45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Humidity 15% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Drop Spec (1.0m) drops to concrete
Sealing Specification IP54, splash water and dust resistant


EMI/RF Industrial Standard


Important: Specifications provided in this datasheet are only preliminary. Final specifications will be based on customer requirement/specification and frozen on project sign-off.


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