Coucou wLink USB VCom

//Coucou wLink USB VCom

Coucou wLink USB VCom


The coucou – USB device is a windows based application, used for virtual COM port communication in COUCOU Device.

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“Coucou wLink USB VCom” is a MS-Windows USB based application, used for USB serial communication in virtual COM mode with a CouCou device.

This application supports following functions

  • Auto Polling START/STOP
  • DATA LOG –Auto Polling
  • DATA LOG – Button event
  • Version Check

The Data Log functions save the data in a TXT file in the local system at a specific file location. A Folder will created in the system directory (i.e. c :\) and named as “COUCOU – Data Log” by the application. The data log file are saved to this folder.