iOS Apps for device evaluation – STEP 2

///iOS Apps for device evaluation – STEP 2

iOS Apps for device evaluation – STEP 2

Installing an App for Testing

After you receive the demo App from Prodigy developers for your test, you canĀ  use iTunes to install the app on your device.

1. SAVE the ZIP file received from Prodigy into the computer that use to Sync your test device (iPhone / iPod / iPad).
2. UNZIP the ZIP file into a folder. You will see the following files

3. Launch iTunes
iTunes11 screen shot
Note – For iTunes11 top menu select

[View / Show Sidebar].
4. OPEN the folder in which you have saved the received App files from Prodigy
iTunes11 _ Folder
5. From the previously saved folder, drag and drop the 2 files found into iTunes.
APP drop
6. SYNC your iOS test device – Ipod / iPhone / iPad.
Note – If the version of iOS on your device is earlier than the test app can run on, you need to update your device with the current version of iOS.

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