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Digital Visual Interface DVI

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a popular video interface that supports high resolution digital video signal transmission. Developed by the Digital Display Working Group, DVI is now an industry standard for digital video connection. DVI Single Link Supports 4 TDMS links over twisted pair wires RGB component video signals carried over 3 links - [...]

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Video Standards

Video Graphics Array (VGA) Legacy system and most computers offer this. First introduced in 1987 with IBM PS/2 computers. Analog Component Video - separate R,G,B Channels.   Mechanical - 15pin D-subminiature VGA connector   Resolutions covered VGA 640×400px @70 Hz SXGA 1280×1024px @85 Hz upto QXGA 2048×1536px @85 Hz Supports high definition video [...]

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iOS Apps for device evaluation – STEP 2

Installing an App for Testing After you receive the demo App from Prodigy developers for your test, you can  use iTunes to install the app on your device. 1. SAVE the ZIP file received from Prodigy into the computer that use to Sync your test device (iPhone / iPod / iPad).   2. UNZIP the [...]

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Evaluation App for iOS users. Step-1 : Know about UDID

PRODIGY provide the Eval Mobile App for customer to evaluate our various devices. These Eval Mobile APP is released only to approved customers and not available on the Apple Stores Before we can send you the Eval Mobile App for testing, we must register your iOS device(iPhone/iPod/iPad) with Apple under our app-testing program. For us to [...]

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